Get Inspired from Taylor Swift Newest Music Video, Willow

Hi. Never expected the queen of Easter Egg is back again with another album within few months. I haven’t got time to listen to and fall in love into folklore even… but what I can say to this multiple talent queen of music industry-singer, songwriter,and a producer. She comes back stronger.

Taylor Swift surprised fans with her new album.

Previously, folklore album is full of beautiful melody to enjoy during pandemic. Just stay calm. I only listen to few songs and still choose exile as my favourite. The folklore sister’s is called evermore. The music video just out today. I watched it again and again and again.

Of course, the outfit in the video will be one of the interesting thing to looking for. Honourly to mention, the man in the music video is Korean American man. Taeok Lee make fans want to figure out more about him. It’s so pleasure to have an Asian in Hollywood music video.

Proud Asian Swifties

Back to the outfit, here’s my inspired style from the music video. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas to style under budget. From me, Asian Swifty.

From Malaysia online boutiques.
  1. Cardigan – mimistylis
  2. Purple Vintage Dress – dlaraaishah
  3. White Dress – coundre.kl
  4. Floral Dress – adralamisa

At orkedkuning, still have many dresses that can be chosen.

Lace dress with belt
Layer Dress
Layer dress with belt

All these inspired outfit are for muslimah. If you are just like me, a muslimah Swifties, you can find out more dresses on Instagram using #vintagedressmalaysia , #dressmalaysia, #skirtmalaysia and more.

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